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Sales, training & consultancy for AccountEdge Mac accounting software and Checkout point of sale software for Mac.

Get started with AccountEdge or improve your skills with our range of publications.

Accounting Basics is a brief introduction to small business accounting with a focus on Mac and AccountEdge. Written by AccountEdge product evangelist Todd Salkovitz with editing for the UK by Jonathan White, Accounting Basics runs through the typical daily routines of small business accounting and introduces, hopefully without getting 'too in the weeds', double-entry bookkeeping; the process that underpins all accounting. The guide's available as a free download - just click through the Buy/Checkout process to download it.

Moving on we have a range of comprehensive and detailed AccountEdge manuals written by top Canadian AccountEdge consultant Dick Hope that cover everything you need to know about setting-up and running your AccountEdge data file properly. Ideal if you feel you need a bit more than telephone support can offer but don't want bespoke training from an AccountEdge consultant.