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AutoTrip - business mileage tracking

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Keep track of your business mileage easily and cheaply with AutoTrip and use our add-on service to update your AccountEdge data file with your mileage claims.

AutoTrip helps you claim the correct mileage costs for your annual accounts and VAT returns and back up your claims with detailed reports.

Tracking and claiming business mileage in a small business is an important tax-saver but can be a time consuming and tricky task. Much as we love the mileage tracking feature in AccountEdge itself, AutoTrip takes the process to a new level of convenience and ease of use.

The AutoTrip hardware device plugs into your car's diagnostic port (normally found somewhere between the steering wheel and the pedals) and sends your journey details to a private web page via the mobile phone network. Reports can be reviewed on-screen and journeys allocated to business or private mileage categories as appropriate and/or parameters can be set so all journeys between certain times e.g. 9 am to 5 pm are recorded as business journeys. Reports can then be downloaded and used to form the basis of your quarterly VAT fuel claims and your annual mileage claims for tax purposes.

We offer a bundle of the AutoTrip hardware and software plus our services in calculating your mileage claims using the current HMRC rates and assisting you to update your AccountEdge data file.

The price shown is the first annual charge for the AutoTrip hardware and software and our assistance with up to four mileage claims per year (including VAT). Subsequent 12 month periods are £249.00 (including VAT).

Usage and charges are per vehicle.

The contract for the AutoTrip hardware and software is with AutoTrip Ltd.

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