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Checkout point of sale: "eating our own dog food".

Posted by Jonathan White on December 04, 2016. 3 Comments

It's difficult for anyone working full-time in accounting/consulting to find opportunities to actually use the software they sell and consult on themselves: to run a shop and experience "real-world" use of the product. To eat your own dog food, to use one of those strange but useful expressions that's come from the tech industry.

All parents with children in sports clubs, swimming in my case, will know that sinking feeling that comes with the receipt of the  relentless (but total necessary) requests for help with the club. Desperate to avoid anything that involved responsibility whatsoever for any actual swimming such I was suffering from a degree of guilt for not contributing.

My ‘opportunity’ came with the chance to take over the club shop. I say 'shop' but, to put it in context, it is very literally a ‘pop-up’ that pops-up on a table at the pool for a couple of hourhs a week. Nevertheless, the shop has the same issues as any other, albeit on a micro scale, and brings with it the chance to use Checkout in real life. 

Looking at our Checkout data file I can see we've go roughly 150 products and need to be able to cope with product variations, bar codes, customer orders, purchase orders and the occasional credit customer. In fact, thinking about it, we use pretty much all the features in Checkout except bar code creation. Despite the scale there's enough there to give Checkout a fairly through testing!

Coming next: getting organised.

Checkout is affordable retail point of sale software for Mac. More information can be found here.


I’m happy to be an inspiration to do good things! but I know that you are always improving yourself and your results speaks itselves :)
Posted by Miguel Romer on December 10, 2016
Ha! Thanks. I wasn’t going to let you be the only Checkout consultant with their own shop!
Posted by Jonathan on December 10, 2016
Great!!!!!, were doing the same in at least 3 years…I’m sure in a short time this “pop-up” business will become in a formal Small Business, and it will grow up with fresh energy from our kids’s experience. While they learn how to run a business, they get new values, the list of positive things is very rich to explain in a few lines, but I assure you that the experience is very well to them.My daughter, right now, is responsible for her errands at store and studies, she always wakes up early on saturdays, she pays for extra classes with her own money, she buys her little things by herself (earphones, t-shirt, etc) and she cares her stuff like ever done!
Posted by Miguel Romer on December 10, 2016

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