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AccountEdge 2016: many things to many people

Posted by Jonathan White on April 30, 2016. 0 Comments

It's probably fair to say that big new features have dominated AccountEdge upgrades in recent years: Shopify web store integration and serial number tracking being examples; features that appeal to a particular niche amongst users and potential users.  AccountEdge 2016 is different in that its focus is on smaller features that have a broader appeal. 

The 2016 upgrade has only been available in the UK for a few weeks but here are a few of the things we're liking so far.

Lead Cards. Users will be familiar with the Card File database in AccountEdge, used for keeping customer, supplier and employee contact details, Lead Cards are a new Card type that lets you record contact details for leads yet to become customers, attach related docs to the card, set follow-up reminders etc., accompanied by batch of new reports for lead conversion, lead status etc.

New look windows.  A nice make-over for the main data entry fields including Sales and Purchase giving them a more contemporary style. AccountEdge 2016 invoice window

Seven year Profit & Loss comparison report. The new Multi-Year Spreadsheet report gives up to seven years of profit and loss figures side by side (complete years, year to date or individual months); all exportable to various file formats including Excel. Very helpful but also possibly quite scary!  There's also now a multi-year balance sheet report.

One point with these reports is that it may not give the full seven years figure straight off the bat. Depending on how your financial year roll-forwards have been dealt with it may take a few more years before you're up to the full seven year comparative. With our own AccountEdge data file we can see financial years back to 2013 straight after the upgrade which is enough to be useful and you can see that the report below from the Widgets example company picks up from 2014. 

AccountEdge 2016 multi period profit & loss

AccountEdge is fully featured and integrated small business Mac desktop accounting software with Cloud and Mobile add-ons and Shopify integration available.


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