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AutoTrip - taking the pain out of business mileage tracking

Posted by Jonathan White on March 28, 2016. 0 Comments

The great thing about small business accounting over the last five years or so has been the plethora of software and apps that have emerged to make running a business that bit easier. The difficulty for accountants is keeping up with the sheer number of new products and filtering out the best!

AutoTrip is one such product: it solves the problem faced by many small businesses, particularly those using privately owned vehicles for work journeys, of tracking business mileage; a tedious and time consuming task at the best of times. 

AutoTrip helps you claim the correct mileage costs for your annual accounts and VAT returns and back up your claims with detailed reports.

The AutoTrip hardware device plugs into your vehicle's diagnostic port and sends your journey details to a secure web page via the mobile phone network. From there we can take your data and assist with the process of calculating the mileage claim to include within your AccountEdge data file using the appropriate HMRC rates. This ensures that business owners and employees get refunded the right amounts, VAT on fuel gets claimed and mileage expenses are claimed in tax returns. 

Read more about AutoTrip on the developer's site here.

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