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Mamut AccountEdge and the new pricing model for accounting software

Posted by Jonathan White on February 22, 2016. 0 Comments

All former MYOB users here in the UK who were using the software back in 2008 will remember the situation we found ourselves in when MYOB announced that they were pulling out of the UK. Mamut, a software company based in Norway, stepped in and took over the MYOB customer base. Their intention was to migrate the MYOB Windows users to their own accounting products which obviously left a bit of a void, to say the least, for MYOB Mac users. Fortunately a deal was struck with Acclivity, a US company who by then had taken ownership of the MYOB Mac product and renamed it AccountEdge, that let Mamut distribute the AccountEdge products in the UK.

There were two issues, the first being the departure of the MYOB Windows product, which we could do nothing about but, to some extent, was mitigated by Mamut's later decision to enable continued use for existing users by not closing the online program registration process (which remains the position at the time of writing). The second issue was the mandatory annual service agreement charge that Mamut decided to impose on all AccountEdge users in the UK and Ireland. This was a problem to the extent that MYOB users had originally bought the product on the basis that there was no obligation to make any further payments after the initial purchase; understandably there was a degree of anger within the user community. 

Seven years on and how do things look? Mamut's mandatory service charge has, to a large extent, been built into the expectations of new users mainly through a sea change in the pricing model of accountancy software led largely by cloud applications who almost all charge on a recurring basis and with which the AccountEdge range compares favourably. Accountedge itself has added its own cloud capability, its free Accountedge Mobile companion app, integration with the Shopify e-commerce platform and dozens of new features and improvements. We're (unsurprisingly) biased, but the future for AccountEdge does look bright!  


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