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AccountEdge & Shopify integration

Posted by Jonathan White on October 29, 2015. 1 Comment

For anyone not already familiar with Shopify, it's a leading ecommerce platform that makes building and running a fully-featured webstore straightforward.

In short, the AccountEdge integration closes off that black hole that often exists between webstores and accounting software by taking accounting data directly from the webstore.

Up until a year or so ago AccountEdge's webstore integration was with Enstore, another Acclivity product. Enstore allowed you to build a relatively simple (and free) webstore that could import a product list including images from AccountEdge then push back sales and payment information into AccountEdge. Enstore was a great product but lacked the plethora of features and add-ons found in a cutting edge product like Shopify.

Consequently the decision was taken to discontinue Enstore and instead integrate AccountEdge (and Acclivity's Mac point of sale product, Checkout) with Shopify. The mechanics of the integration are similar to that with Enstore: product information including descriptions and images can be sent both ways and a one click sales and payment import from Shopify to AccountEdge.  The actual link is via an AccountEdge Connector that can be obtained from The current price is $10 per month.

Shopify can provide the platform for the shop section of a website built on a different platform or, it can be the platform for a website in its entirety with a custom URL if required providing static pages and blogs as well as the shop pages.

Shopify comes with hundreds of customisable site templates, some free with more available at a modest price that enable top quality sites to be built relatively easily by most people with no prior experience. If you need help then Shopify maintain an extensive directory of approved consultants that can provide setup consultancy support for a few hundred pounds. If a template isn't sufficient for your requirements then bespoke sites can be built with costs typically of several thousand pounds plus.


great stuff, well done.
Posted by Todd on November 10, 2015

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