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AccountEdge training - finding the right level

Posted by Jonathan White on December 02, 2015. 0 Comments

Throughout the MYOB days here in the UK and more recently with AccountEdge we've trained people to use the software for their business accounting. One of the key things that we've learnt ourselves over the years is that the old adage ‘different things suit different people’ that you sometimes hear in relation to accounting software in general applies equally to training people on AccountEdge.

Some users are happy to do pretty much everything needed to produce a data file that their accountant can rely on for the year end accounts and tax work. Others want to do everything apart from, say, their VAT returns or bank reconciliations; and some are happy to just use AccountEdge for sales invoicing. The obvious issue for anyone training clients to use AccountEdge is closing the circle between the amount of work the user is comfortable with and what's needed to submit VAT returns and annual accounts etc.  

Further down the track requirements may change. Somebody may join and need training on AccountEdge, the business may grow and want a full time in-house bookkeeper or, for one reason or another, the business may want to outsource its accounting completely either permanently or for a limited period.

My hope is that we, as an AccountEdge consultancy, can be flexible enough to accommodate any level of use and fill the 'gap' in a proactive and cost-effective way.


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